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Ejarah International is established with the purpose of supporting clients and organizations with their hiring and talent acquisition. Ejarah International facilitates the issuance of new visas for expats as well as the sponsorship of expats working the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We take great care when selecting the employee portfolio to meet our client requirements. We emphasize on qualifications, training, and professionalism.

Ejarah International for Recruitment offers a new concept in the recruitment services for companies and individuals.
Ejarah balances between the needs of Saudi market and the international HR markets to provide skilled, trained labor in short time and astonishing prices.

Ejarah International for Recruitment offer housemaids, drivers, nurses and labor from the Philippines, Ghana, Morocco, Egypt, Bangladesh, and India.


To be the human capital leader in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Ensure our client’s optimum satisfaction
Support our Saudi Government in organizing the sponsorship of expats

We Are Special

We offer unprecedented offers:

  • 6 months Ejarah guarantee (3+3)
  • Ejarah guarantee plus
  • Optional training courses to assist housemaids to engage easily with Saudi Culture


Trust, respect, transparency, commitment are the pillars on which we establish our transactions at Ejarah International


We are responsible towards our clients, partners, and the employees we help enter into the Kingdom


We are certain our services exceed the expectations of our clients